About Us

From Cruise ships to the top destinations in the world, here at oceansandhotel.net we look and dive deep into the world of exotic travel.

The feeling from the moment you step foot in a five-star hotel or aboard a luxury cruise, take in the free offering of bubbly champagne and till the time you leave is like no other. It is a home away from home and one that is a welcome change from the usual. You only stay for a small time in your room but that time spent in the hotel or on a cruise is all you can ask for.

First-class, specially personalized service are all the typical hallmarks of the best luxury cruises in the world and the finest hotels too. Here, we do a thorough research of all luxury cruises in the world and give you only the top picks. The same applies to destinations, hotels, restaurants and much more. If it is a tourism related industry then we investigate, research, rank and share our information.

By the way, our rankings are mostly fleeting, or in other words they are good for only a few months. New cruises come up every month, so do new hotels and restaurants. Naturally, we can’t keep pumping out reviews without actually experiencing them ourselves so if you do not find a name up here on our site but have extensive knowledge of what it offers, then feel free to <a href=”/contact-su”>write to us here</a>.