The Best of Large Luxury Cruise Ships


Let’s get down right to the reviews shall we?

Regent Seven Seas Cruises Mariner

The Mariner was launched back in 2001 and back then it was considered an industry rule breaker since it was designed as an all-balcony, all-suite ship. Nowadays, many ships are designed in the same manner but it was the Mariner that led this particular change.

Accommodations range from just 252 square feet to a spacious 1,204 square feet and comes with plenty of concierge amenities too. Take for instance the shore excursions, dining reservations, free internet access and fifteen-minute shore phone calls.

Accommodation on this cruise does include everything in its fair. The shipboard meals, in-cabin mini-bars, room service and many onboard activities too are all included along with the shore excursions. The common crowd abroad this cruise ship includes retirees and pros, basically those who have a lot more time on hand to explore the world.

Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Serenity

Considered one of the grand luxury cruises in the industry, it is not just an exquisite ship but also one that packs a surprising list of services and itineraries. However, what truly sets this cruise apart is its affinity for practices and etiquettes of old. For starters you are required to wear a dress to dinner and for any formal night onboard. In 2012, the cruise became more standardized thanks to its all-inclusive fares that now makes it a simple case of pay and enjoy for all its loyal customers. Yes, this cruise has a 30% regular customer base that tend to partake in the cruise itinerary almost every year. Speaking more on the fares, some additional things included are self-service laundry, fitness classes, specialty dining, enrichment programs and even shuttles to cruise ports.

Because of the very formal nature of this cruise, the customers of this cruise tend to be older folks but recent changes have made the cruise attractive for all age groups who simply wish to have greater control over their vacation.

Oceania Cruises’ Riviera

In this list, the Oceania Riviera is the only one with a la carte pricing rather than a single all-inclusive price structure. In fact, it is the only reason why we place this third among the top three. However, as far as dining venues, itineraries and accommodation goes, it is just as good as the other two.

The activities onboard this cruise are what make it so special. The Spa Club, gym and beauty salon are all amazing. In fact, in our experience, we found the offerings onboard in terms of shop and activities to be more attractive and engrossing than on any other luxury cruise.  You can actually spend time learning arts or crafts, cooking and what not. There are classes of varied kinds onboard and they change season to season so you are always treated to something new when you walk onboard the next time around. Another attraction is the plethora of dining venues aboard the Riviera. A la carte pricing probably allows the cruise to have so many exquisite dining venues, each with its own environment and cuisine.