What To Expect From Tiny Luxury Cruises?


If you are planning for a group outing with an expected attendance of around 50 to 70 folks, need a week worth of activities planned then you need specialized small luxury cruises. These cruises let you explore but more than that they are highly configurable unlike their larger companions. While the amenities are mostly fixed, the activities or destination plans can be tweaked, including the food and entertainment too – provided you book in advance.

Let’s look at two example cruises.

Un-Cruise Adventures’ Safari Explorer

Compact and cozy are two words that perfectly define this yacht. It has total of three decks and is ideal for sauna or sun lounging – if that’s your thing. You can even mingle with the crew at a one on one basis thanks to the crew to passenger ratio plus visit the Captain on the Bridge to take in the view from the Cabin Deck. The full-beam aft allows those adventurous enough to take in the sea around them on a personal level too. The chef speaks to each passenger finding out what they would like to eat and it is this personalized touch that makes this ship special.

Ponant’s Le Ponant

Considered a romantic cruise ship, the Le Ponant is compact with an impressive list of destinations on its charts. It is a French owned ship and has only four passenger decks making it a ship that is more closed and personal than other cruises. Spend time chatting with other passengers, the crew, sun bathing on a lounger or engage in fine dining at either of the two restaurants.

Our ships are perfectly decked with our appliances to make your stay enjoyable. We have consulted with many websites and firms to settle on what’s best for you. We have a range of karaoke machines onboard (courtesy of the reviews on http://www.theboxtigermusic.com), as well as a casino, bar and other enjoyable activities. We have food processors, juicers and more for your own delight. Fancy giving it a try? Karaoke night runs on Wed-Thurs & Fri. We have 2 karaoke events; one for the kids and one for the adults!